Sound of Silence

Have you ever been to a place where silence is so prevailing that you can hear even your thoughts? Like a real voice, clean and clear. When space around you is so empty that heart and soul leave your body and sit with you side by side, like three best friends respecting each others’ silence.
Mr Newton said the energy of the universe is balanced. If there is negative energy, there ought to be positive energy building around it; if there is positive in abundance, negative is approaching to create equilibrium.

The laws of the universe apply not only to physics but daily life too. So, when everything around you is silent, your brain and heart start talking to balance the energy of silence with the words of the soul. Your ears can hear nothing yet your brain starts catching things which you never spoke or heard before. This sound is called thoughts or inner voice. Your heart, brain and soul start talking to each other like three best friends sitting on a mountain edge looking at the lights of a small town and sharing views about life. One speaks white other two listens without interrupting, no discussions, no counter-arguments; just words and views.

Have you ever talked to yourself like this?
Have you ever experienced silence like this?
Come, I will take you to the world of words created by silence.

About the Author :

While living in a city, I often escaped to mountains to keep a balance within me. These short visits to the Himalayas and a journey of 100 days in Himachal brought me closer to nature and I started listening to the whispers of nature. This blog page is about converting those whispers to words and carry nature’s message for all. Now I have quit the city hassles and roaming in mountains like a river collecting pebbles in the form of stories for you.

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