Lost in Woods Camp

Page Summary

  1. About the camp
  2. Who should join
  3. About the location
  4. About the trek
  5. Amenities
  6. Itinerary
  7. Camping dates
  8. Package details
  9. Things to carry
  10. Things not to carry
  11. Covid-19 protection
  12. Sightseeing options

1. About the camp

Bridge Tents

Travelling to the mountains for long weekends has recently become a trend. The places like Manali, Kasol, Bir, Shimla, etc tend to get overcrowded and spoil the peace of mountains thus robbing you from the feelings of being in the lap of nature. You find yourself amid the crowd, rat race and noise which you had run away from and left your city for a vacation.

I travelled solo for years in the Himalayas to explore places which are still far from crowd and closer to nature. During one such trip, I came across this shepherd village of Kullu Manali. The village is small in size but rich in culture, traditions and natural beauty. I had been getting lots of questions about this place when I posted pictures of the village on Instagram. People wanted to travel to deeper Himalayas and spend time in such culturally rich villages but couldn’t as this village didn’t have places to stay. This resulted to the idea of our camp – LOST IN WOODS. I talked to my friend from Bhanara village and he agreed to plan on a condition that it only responsible tourists should be allowed.

This camp will help you to experience trekking and camping life but with the availability of the basic needs (which include bedding, toilets, the warmth of walls and roof & good appetite). The idea behind this camp is an attempt to create a new community of travellers:

  • Who travel due to their love for nature which is missing in cities
  • Who travel not just to explore places but the culture too
  • Who prefer to travel solo and meet interesting strangers with the same mindset
  • Who craves peace and silence
  • Who prefer wild nature more than the comforts and luxuries of hotels
  • Who love to read books and listen to stories of old people


Himachali Folk Dancers to show you the culture of Himachal


2. Who should Join

Before you make up your mind, I would like to tell you that this camp is only for:

  • Those who will choose a forest to get high rather than a crowded club
  • Those who feel music is recreational and calming not a mean to party and make noise
  • Those who travel to experience the never before seen landscapes and admire the beauty of mountains
  • Those who want to explore places that are hidden from mainstream tourists
  • Those who want to start their morning with a book and a cup of tea

In a nutshell, those who are looking for peace with happy and positive vibes.

Those who are joining this camp are requested to observe self-quarantine for a minimum of 3 days before starting this trip and follow the rules of social distancing and using a face mask while travelling


3. About the location

The location of our camp is a small village between Naggar and Manali. The village name is BHANARA and it is a preserved village as outsiders can’t cross the barrier on approach road without permission/invitation. It is located only 17km from Manali but far from the modernisation of Manali.

The old but colourful wooden houses here will give you the feeling of Malana village, while the sheep & Himalayan horses strolling in village will give you the feeling of being in the meadows of Dhauladhar mountain range.

The campsite is an apple orchard on a cliff edge leading to a valley overlooking Kullu Manali & Beas River. You will find fewer humans and more birds here. What else? Well, visit and tell me in your own words.

This will be your view from Camp (if there’s snowfall)

Travel Options :

Bhuntar Airport – 2 hours drive from Bhanara Village

Chandigarh Airport/Railway station – 8 hours drive from Bhanara Village

Delhi Airport/Railway station : 12 hours drive from Bhanara Village

Meadows during trek

Bhanara is an old village of Gaddis (shepherds)


4. About the trek

Hiking Route
  • It is a beginners level trek where we will pass through a pine forest and touch the starting point of seasonal glaciers
  • Uphill – 2hours
  • Downhill – 1 hour
  • End Point – Snow line
  • Peaks visible from View Point
    • Hanuman Tibba
    • CV14 Peak
    • 51 Peak
    • 52 Peak
    • Makarvey Peak


5. Amenities

  • Car Parking – Yes
  • Toilets – 2 (English & Indian both) + 1 camp toilet
  • Shower – Yes
  • Hot water – (in bucket – 3rd day)
  • Luggage Room – Yes
  • Medical facility – Doctor on call available (chargeable)
Clean & hygiene toilets are our priority

Sleeping bag which turns into quilt


6. Itinerary

  • Check in time : 12 PM
  • Check out time : 11 AM
  • Pickup & drop will be arranged from Manali bus stand on advance request
Itinerary : 3 DaysItinerary : 4 Days
Day 1Day 1
Welcome DrinkWelcome Drink
Nag Temple VisitWooden Temple Visit
Open Your BottleOld Monk time
Kullu-Manali Folk danceKullu-Manali Folk dance
Dinner – Veg/Non VegDinner – Veg/Non Veg
Night Hike (optional)Night Hike  (optional)
Day 2Day 2
Snow Trek + SkiingSnow Trek + Skiing
Rest Rest 
Evening SnacksEvening Snacks
Story Telling/ Poem NarrationStory Telling/ Poem Narration
Dinner – VegDinner – Veg
Day 3Day 3
Group photo at RiverVillage walk
DepartureDry Holi celebration
Sunset Peace
Dinner – Veg/Non Veg
Day 4
Group photo at River
  • The itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions
  • If you are a musician, bring your instrument, we would love to listen to your music under the starry sky.
Cold nights with warm fire under the sky

7. Camping dates :

Upcoming Dates :

  • We usually plan this camp on long weekend of every month but because of less travellers due to lockdown in various parts of the country
  • A special camp can be organised for you if you are in a group of minimum of 5 people

Page summary

8. Package details

Category 1 : Tents ( Sharing Basis ) – Feeling of camping with the comfort of room.

These are double layered tents which stays warm and each tent has thick mattress like bed and pillow combined with blankets & sleeping bags

  • 3 Days/ 2 Nights : 6,000 INR per person
  • 4 Days/ 3 Nights : 7,000 INR per person

Note : For people booking in pair, couple tents are available

** Discounts for group bookings available **

Category 2 : Wooden Room (Sharing basis) – Your home in mountains

Rooms will have a king size bed and space for 1 extra mattress accompanied by a pair of double blanket and quilt

  • 3 Days/ 2 Nights : 9,000 INR per person
  • 4 Days/ 3 Nights : 11,000 INR per person

The package includes :

  • Accommodation
  • 3-times meals, evening snacks & Tea/coffee in between
  • Trek by professional guide
  • Bon Fire + Music
  • Folk Dance – Himachali Naati
  • Village tour
  • It excludes liquor (you can bring your own booze)

Note :

  • There is limited occupancy. Please deposit 50% advance for booking confirmation, so that we arrange everything for you beforehand
  • In case of cancellation due to Covid, please share a valid covid report and your booking amount will be adjusted in next camp
  • Transportation from Delhi/Chandigarh can be arranged (on extra charges)
  • The addition of a day in this package or dates other than specified camping dates will be 1500 INR per day per person in all types of accommodation
Hike for 2 hours to reach the snow world
Frozen river near Bhanara village


9.Things to Carry

  • Small bag pack / sling bag
  • Non breathing Shoes with good grip (Snow/Gum boots if you want to play with snow)
  • Floaters
  • Woolen Socks (at least 2 pairs – you can buy handmade socks from village too)
  • Towels (Let’s not share these in the times of Covid19)
  • Thermals (both upper & lower)
  • Full Sleeve T-shirts (preferably dry fit)
  • Fleece
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Woolen Cap
  • Sunglasses (See good + Look good)
  • Bluetooth earplugs if you love music while hiking ( though birds sing better than any human singer )
  • Torch
  • Toiletries Kit
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen (Sunlight on mountains is strong and tend to cause sunburn)
  • Tissue Papers
  • Water Bottle (preferably thermos to keep water warm)
  • Camera (You would like to click a picture at every step during your trek)
  • Old Monk 😁
  • Note:
    • The key to fight the winter air and cold weather is layering. Instead of 1 jacket of 0 degree, wear 3 layers of clothes – Thermals, T-shirt (better if with collars), & Jacket
    • There is no shop in this village, not even grocery store (nearest shop is 30 mins away)
    • Gum boots can be arranged on extra charges if requested a week prior to camp dates
Please carry reusable glass if you want to drink amid snow

Page Summary

10.Things not to Carry

  • Food – Once you have checked in, your tummy is the responsibility of our Himalayan chef who cooks to make others high on food
  • One time use plastic – Please don’t carry any disposable plastic, not even chips packet. Help us to keep environment plastic free
  • Stress and worries – Leave them behind in cities and start the new year afresh with positive vibes and happy thoughts
Fresh Healthy food with the touch of local culture


11. COVID-19 protections

The scariest thing about travelling these days is mingling with crowds. If you too have this fear, rest assured, you will not have it at this camp.

  • There will be ample space between the tents to keep travelers separate from each other (physical contact) yet they can enjoy the open view together
  • The staff is quarantined for months as they never leave this village
  • The zero-contact check-in & check-out will be observed
  • The open area around the camp and the village will allow you to stay in your self-quarantine but under the blue sky

Page Summary

12. Sightseeing Options

(Not included in package)

  • Old Manali (10 km away)
  • Rohtang (75 km away)
  • Marhi (50 Km )
  • Atal Tunnel (43 KM )
  • Bhrigu Lake ( 2 Days trek)
  • Sethan Village (22 KM)
  • Trout Fish Farm ( 5km)
  • Gulaba ( 18 km)
  • Manikaran (80KM)
  • Kasol (75 km away)

Adventure Activity (Not included in the package but can be arranged on demand) : Paragliding over the snow-covered Himalayas in Kullu Manali will not just make your adrenalin run like a horse but also fill your eyes with amazement.

  • Preventive medicines (If you are new to mountains)
  1. Diamox: For mountain sickness    
  2. Combi flam (5 tablets): It is a pain reliever. It also contains paracetamol. 
  3. Avomine: For motion sickness. Pop one half hour before you start your road journey.
  4. Digene: To tackle digestive problems which may occur due to height difference
  5. ORS: In case you have loose motion
  6. Knee Brace: If you are prone to knee injury or have known issues of knee pain
  7. Moov/Volini


  • All medical ailments should be declared before the trip
  • Any kind of food allergies should be notified beforehand

For more details, follow Instagram stories of himalayandrives & lostinwoodscamp

For booking, contact :

Dheeraj Jha 9873993129

Tharwan Thakur 9816825092

Instagram :



Email id : dheeraj.jha148@gmail.com


Know Your Organisers


Amma – She may be double your age yet when it comes to hard work, she is as young as a 21-year-old. The recipe of traditional food served to you will undergo her inspection and the apple orchard you will stroll in is developed by her quarter a year ago.

Trek Leader

Thakur Bhai – This man will be the ‘Hanuman’ during your stay – solution for everything whether it is difficulty in the trek, need more wood for campfire or craving for hot chocolate after dinner, he has a solution for everything. With a certified degree in hiking, he has worked with leading companies of trekking in India. He has experience of 10 years in handling group trek of more than 50 people at a time, whether they are kids, old age or foreigners.


Dheeraj Jha – I planned to spend few months in the Himalayas and explore hidden meadows but the mountain valley had only one-way passage and I decided not to return to Delhi. Friends call me चलता फिरता पेड़ . मिलेंगे तो जान जाएँगे ।

एक ऐसा गुलिस्ताँ बनायेंगे,
जहाँ पंछियों संग सुस्तायेंगे,
होंगी ना शहरों की चकाचौंध,
बस ज़रूरत का सामान सजायेंगे,
तकनीक से ना होगा कोई वास्ता,
किताबें ही होंगी विलासिता,
झूमेंगे हम पेड़ों के संग संग
और हवा के संग गुनगुनाएँगे,
एक ऐसा गुलिस्ताँ बनायेंगे।

Let’s meet and create a world of dreams.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. travelbuffyashi says:

    A spectacular camping site in Bhanara Village, Himachal Pradesh. Thank you @himalayandrives for such a lovely, homely, and local experience.

    It’s home to centuries-old pine/deodar trees.
    You can sit on a hilltop while the sun paints the sky with its hue.
    And you can watch the snow-clad mountains blushing when they soak in sunrise colors and turn orange from your room window/camp.


    1. Thank you Yashika. It was a pleasure to host travellers like you who travel to explore nature instead of just partying in mountains. Lost in woods camp will wait for your next visit 🙂


  2. Satya Dantala says:

    I came to know abt lost in woods camp through insta, aft having few conversations with Dheeraj I made my mind to go for it. It was a life time experience , bhanara village is a beautiful and unexplored place with lot of peace. This camp is not for ppl who are addicted to loud music nd dance. If u are looking for a camp, to meet like-minded ppl with lot of mee time plz do go for it. I got to meet ppl who r friends for lifetime now
    , it’s like we r proud members of LOST IN WOODS FAMILY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, brother. You are right, we all met like strangers but the bonding over the bonfire and trek route made every one of us friends forever.


  3. Manu Khanna says:

    Its one of the most beautiful and peaceful place I have seen and been in my life.
    Far from the chaos of city life, I wanted to be on a place where I can relax myself from my daily routine. Dheeraj , who is my school friend and own this camp suggested me to visit here on new years, and m really thankful to him for this.
    I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery around, mind blowing views, chirping of birds , sunrise & sunset from the camp, delicious food and heart-touching culture , kind people around , awesome weather, beautiful sky, Moon View at night and ofcourse the SNOW which is actually the highlight of this place.

    I really really enjoyed here , far away from my daily routine for few days and refreshed and relaxed my mind.

    Such places are rare in our country and do need some recognition. A must visit!

    Liked by 1 person

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