ख़ामोश बातें

आज वो मिली तो कुछ चुप चुप सी थी। खामोश, शांत, खोई हुई सी। यूँ तो कार में बैठे चंद मिनट ही बीतेkl थे उसे। पर जो शख़्स 100 शब्द प्रति मिनट की तेज़ी से बात करता हो, वो अगर 5 मिनट भी चुप बैठ जाए तो समझो ज़माना गुजर जाता है। कार की सीटContinue reading “ख़ामोश बातें”

Pari Tibba (A haunted hill)

If you need more information about Pari tibba or have questions about this place, feel free to contact me on my instagram account : Himalayandrives AND read more travel blogs to explore hidden places of Himalayas Continue reading & explore the mystic hill of Uttrakhand – Pari Tibba Pari Tibba, a world which is knownContinue reading “Pari Tibba (A haunted hill)”

My Darkness and Your Light

My heart is full of darkness, A den of devils who not only live there, But feed on my soul and massacre my emotions with flare They often force me to act as per their will, If my soul denies, they threaten to kill, At nights, they drag me and attempt to convert into oneContinue reading “My Darkness and Your Light”